Multiple communities, thriving on one another

We are curating a network of the founders, industry experts, and venture partners, students, investors, and innovators who believe in the power of innovation and people to create transformative change…

What incubates can look forward to:

We’re on a Mission

To build the next wave of startups that will become successful companies doing good in the world.

In order to solve complex problems, we need to draw on creative ideas from a cross-functional, interdisciplinary group of people. Though our incubation programs for each ecosystem will have industry-specific components, our startups will get to leverage the integrated community for collaboration, resources, and inspiration.

Worldwide University Connections

Through an educational partnership with universities in Thailand and internationally, incubates and partners can tap into a large pool of university graduates and academic expertise.

Students can engage with professionals in their field of interest, gain internship opportunities, and participate in important conversations that will help shape the policies and trends of tomorrow.

Diversity Matters

Malcolm Forbes has described diversity as “the art of thinking independently together”, and this couldn’t be more aptly put. We believe that creativity comes from a cross-pollination of ideas.

The hurdles confronted in the world today are best overcome through a diversity of thought, which is why our ecosystems welcomes all gender, ethnic groups, cultures, and backgrounds.

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